The camp is really filling up. 3500 more guys

Oct 10 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;
Well I had another full day. From 6 this morning to 8:30 this evening with 10 minutes free time we were so late to supper that they only had meat left.  Spare ribbs. I had 1/2 hour for dinner but I was so late that the cook just cooked me some eggs.

I havent had time to shave since Wendsday nite.  I just went down to take a shower and shave and guess what, The hot water was cut off.  We got in at 1 this morning.

I can hardly wait till Christmas.  I don’t want you to go out of your way or spend too much money to come out here.  If you have the time and money I’ll go AWOL to see you.  I’d just as soon spend a few months in the Guard House and see you.

It is a week since payday, and the dice are still rolling  Some of these guys lose all of their pay  Crazy people.

This camp is really filling up.  3500 more guys this week. Well people, Ill write
tomorrow.  I hope I will be rested

Love Karl

P.S.  Send some pictures



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