After you left; I found out we were going to Camp Cook

Oct 14 1950
Dear Mom & Dad

After you left last nite, I found out we were going to Camp Cook.  I looked I looked for you but it was a little late.

We left Ft. Sam at 9:30 P.M.  and had a police escort to the S.P. Depot.  We ran red lights

S.P. Depot is Southern Pacific

and speed straight down the middle of the street.  There were 3 busses, 1 truck, 2 jeeps, and a motorcycle. After we got there we had to wait 1 hour in the bus for the train. It pulled out at

1:15 AM. It is 11:05 A.M. now and we just left Sanderson. We have and old Pulman.  It is a slow, rough ride. One point of interest was that we passed over the 750 ft or more high Pecos high level bridge.  That was a real Thrill.

Pecos River High Bridge

I sure would hate to live here.  It is awfully dry and rocky.  There is nothing over 3ft
high here ecept hills.  The rivers and creeks are all dry. I will send a letter tomorrow
and tell you where I am.

Love Karl

P.S. Wish I was home.




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