We are beside the dead sea in Death Valley

Oct 15, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad

Well here it is, 1:20 P.M. and still going.  We are beside the Dead Sea in Death Valley.  We have a new engine and its pretty fast.  The temp. must be 110° with no shade.

The hanley  is made out of Devil Catus. It will never quit stinking.

hanley, honey, handle,  I’ve had several people look at this and no one seems to be able to make sense of it.  Looked up Devil’s Cactus and while real it appears to be native to California Baja.  If anyone has any ideas please leave a comment.  Original Text below.


The meals have been real good.  They even give you seconds on anything.  It sure
suprised me.  Hershey bars are 15¢.  A glass of Cholocate milk is 25¢.

The scenery is sure different. Piles of sand on one side and Mountains on the other.

I didn’t belive there could be a town like El Paso out in nowhere.  It is alright.

One of my friends sleeps belowe me.  We got the same bunks so we wouldn’t lose anything. He woke up this morning with his pants on the floor and 2$ out of 37 $ left.  Someone got 35 $

Well I’ll write you tomorrow when I know my address

Love, Karl

P.S. Have you tried to shave on a rough train.  “Blooddy”

P.S.S I don’t like the way people look at me.  The sure look down on a
soldier.  I feel like telling them that its their fault I’m in – but.

Well I’ll write tonite or
Tomorrow K.V.T.


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