I was marked “NONE” INFINITRY

Oct 16, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad,

Well here I am at Camp Cooke.  I am in the “Fighting Fortyth.

We got into L.A. at 5:30 P.M. Sunday and the took a Bus to here.  We got here at 12 30.

I have been assigned to the 40th Quarter Master.  There were only 5 out of 130 that didn’t go to the infintry.  I got seperated from all my friends.

This is the fogyist, sandiest darn place.  A shoe shine lasts the first step outside.  This camp was empty 2 months ago.  Now there are 9,000 soldiers here.  I don’t exactly

know what to think.  We have been told we are going into combat real soon. They told us the 40th Division is going to Germany around the first of the year.  They sure are getting us ready.

How is Tex and demond?  I sure would like to be home.  My arms have finaly quit hurting.

Tex was Karl’s dog and demond (not sure about the spelling) was the cat.  He will ask about them in quite a few letters.

Dad, the reason I got into the Quarter Master was because I was marked “NONE” INFINTRY”  They are emphisizing truck Companys here.  Instead of walking on the front line I might drive a truck with amunition there. WOW.

Well I’ll write tomorrow.

Love Karl


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