I got ate out twice today

Oct. 18, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad

Well I’m still living, but I don’t know why.  We just got in off a 5 mile hike.  We had to do it in one hour.  My legs sure are tired.

This is a rough outfit.    We marched, did exercises, marched, had lectures, marched, seen training pictures, and marched.  I didn’t have 1/2 hour to myself until 6:00  O’clock.  I have one counsellation.  Their isn’t one guy that likes the army life.

They are stressing being at attention.  I got ate out twice today.  We were marching, and the leader said “to the rear march.”  The guy in front of me turned around too soon and

just before we hit head on I brought my hands up and caught him. He was out of step  but I broke attention bringing my hands up.  The sargent walked along side of me and really told me off.  One sargent said to chew gum when I was thirsty.  This sargent ate me out for it.   There is less water here than in Ft Sam. It is sandy & dusty.  I haven’t had cold water since we left the train.  Oh well just for 21 months – maybe

Well I’ll write tomorrow
Love Karl

P.S. Tell everyone hello
P.S.S.  Tex to

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