They say quarter master corp is the best deal in the army

Oct. 19, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad,

Who said California didn’t have much fog.  We took a 2 1/2 mile hike at 5:15 P.M. and it rolled in so thick, I couldn’t see but one telephone pole ahead.  My legs are still sore but they are makeing us play touch football for an hour each day. Of course I play at it hard.  Both sholders and my stomach are sore.  But It does take my mind off of things.

We had a lecture on Truck Platoons and on seggragation. We saw some movies on how to keep our uniform.  I’m glad they had a 2 1/2 instead of a 5 mile hike.

I was originally amused by the segregation lecture but It was almost 70 years ago and the military was just starting to take “racial integration” seriously.
Racial Segregation

They say the Quarter Master Corps. is the best deal in the Army.  We will  be trained as infintry soldiers first, then as truck drivers, mechanics, stock men ect. I don’t know what they have me for.

This sand is so dirty that when I fell down today, I was black.  Just like soft dirt. we finally got a fair meal.  Not good but fair.  Thats for the better.

Well Tell everyone hello, and be sure to write.  I haven’t got a letter yet.  Of course it is to early yet but I sure will be glad to get it.  Does Tex miss me?

Love Karl

P.S. Is my car sold?  I sure could use it if I had a pass and some money “Big Joke”

Rect. K.V.T.

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