I slept until 6:30 this morning. Some luxary

Oct 22, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

I sure am happy.  I got your letter yesterday.  It did me more good than all the shots they gave me.  I would rather get a small note from real often, than get a long one far apart.  I didn’t write you yesterday because the mail master quits saturday until Monday Morning.

I went to the show here last nite.  I’m going again tonite.  It costs 24¢

I slept until 6:30 this morning. Some luxary.  Didn’t have to sweep, mopp or make my bed.

I get Saturday afternoon and Sunday off unless I draw a detail.  I’m sure I can get off Christmas.  It sure would be swell

I miss my home & parents very much.  I sure do.  There is a roomer that we might be in just 10 months.  That would be much better.  Our barracks passed inspection Sat.  Our Duffle bags have to be hung on a nail.  Guess what? Five minutes before the officer came in, my nail bent and the bag went on the floor.  I put a new nail in just in time to be called to attention. “Close call.”

Some of the guys got drunk at the P.X. last nite.  Most everyone drinks, but me.  I have had 1 can that’s all.

Well chums, till then
Love Karl

P.S. Keep the mail man busy,  I”ll see you Christmas-I hope.


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