We are learning how to use the M-1 rifle

Oct 23, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

Howdy people! I got you letter with the stamps.  Thanks a lot.  I finally found out where I could buy stamps.  The Army doesn’t give us a thing. They even charge us income tax.

I can just see Pat throw his tray into the garbage can.  WOW.  Today we had Cauliflower with some sort of brown sauce.  It was rotten.  I think it had spoiled milk in it.  I threw mine away when the sarge wasn’t looking.  We can’t throw anything away here.

I’m on a volley ball team.  We have lots of fun. We have played Non Coms and Officers.  We do pretty good.

You letters sure make me feel closer to home.  I feel a lot  better now.

We are learning how to use the M-1 rifle.  We have to take it apart & know every part in it.

Guess what?  I ketch K.P Tomorrow.  We take turns here.  I have to start at 4:30 AM and quit at 2000.(8:00 P.M.) I might not get to write but you’ll get one the next day.

Well tell everyone hello
Love Karl.

P.S. It sure helps to have wonderful parents.  Thanks.


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