Friday nite when I wrote my sad letter, I was really homesick

Oct 29, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

Well I’m still living.  I feel a little better now.

Hey worked the devil out of us Sat. morning.  We loaded Halves of beef.  Everyone weighed at least 106#   I have been off since 1:00 O Clock Sat.  Just think I layed in bed until 8 this morning.  What a luxury.

I seen a show last nite.  I seen one this afternoon.  and now I’m goint to the field house to see Jane Powell and more actors in person.  She is the singer (operetic) that I like.

Jane Powell - A Date With Judy headshot.jpg

Jane Powell

I got a letter from Opal that I really enjoyed.  I think a lot of them.

The Sarg. told me I might be a corpral.  If I keep working hard, he said it could be in 60 days.  He has given me a responsible job and he liked the way I handled it.

I went to Church this morning.  It is a general protesent service.  It was pretty nice.

Friday nite when I wrote my  sad letter, I was really homesick..  I came so close to crying it was pityful.  The kid in the next bunk was the same as me.  He is from Ft Worth.

Fri nite was Oct. 27 1950

In the  show last nite they played several songs about Texas.  You coulden’t here yourself think because most of us must have been Texans.  We hooped and hollored all nite.  The poor people from the other part of the world must have wondered what the deal was.

Well I’ll write tomorrow
Love Karl

Write soon.

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