Hurry up and wait

Oct. 31, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

I received a letter yesterday and one today.  I didn’t write yesterday because: I went to work at 6:30 and got off 1/2 hour for lunch.  You stand 15 minutes in line.  Then I worked until 5:00 O’Clock.  At that time I was notified I had to stand Guard duty and was to be in O.D. uniform with a field jacket, carbine, helmet liner, eat, shave, shower, shine my shoes in 15 minutes.  You know me! I barley got into my O.D.’s.  We double timed it to the guard shack.  We were put on second relief which ws 8 till 10 P.M.  They finally gave me time to eat.  “Hurry up and Wait.”

Guard duty is from 6 PM to 6 AM There ar 3 reliefs of two hours on and 4 hours off.  I stood 8 till 10 then 2 till four. On your off time you have to be ready in case of  emergency to get going fast so you sleep with your cloths & boots on.  I haven’t had my boots of in 36 hours.  Guard Duty does not relieve you of your work the next day.  I worked real hard this morning    over

Some of the guys are cracking up under the strain.  I was about to but got your letter & Opal’s so that fixed me up.  I was real glad to see the Mills twins.  I like to get news like that.

I am throwing boxes weighing 135# around now.  My back hurts but is hasn’t catched yet.  I’m waiting and hoping.

I saw the show Sunday nite but  Jane Powell had a cold and didn’t appear.  Vic Demone Sang in her place.  All the big shots of M.G.M. were there.  The show was free and wonderful.  Do you remember the 12 year old colored girl that sings “The three bears” and “Candy Store Blues”!  She is real popular.  Her name is Tony Harper.  Well I got her and Vic Demone’s autographs.  I thought Marion would like them.  “Vic” told me he would sing a song about Texas next time.  He said I had a deal.

Vic Damone 1959.JPG

Vic Damone

Toni Harper

Well, I’ll write tomorrow – baring extra duty.
Love Karl

P.S. It takes 2 days to get your letters.
P.S.S. Send me some litture on the new Mercury
P.S.S. Tell Ralph’s, Shorts, Purvice’s and everyone hello.


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