You ought to here the Californians and Texans argue

Nov. 1, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

Well, there goes Oct. out the window.  This leaves me 20 months and 5 days.  No one here believes it will be 21 mts.  Either 10 yrs. or 1 yr.

We worked pretty hard today.  This morning my back hurt and it pinched a nerve and it felt like pin pricks all over me.  I was about to fall out when all of a sudden it left.  What a deal.

The sand was blowing hard again today..  It is real cold at nite, then warm at noon.

You ought to here the Californian’s and Texans argue.  We have on thing that really stops them.  We are in the National Guard and not the regular Army yest.  We tell them that they had to go to Texas to get some real men to protect California.  Boy does that get them down.

Karl seemed to have a preternatural hatred of anything Californian.  Colleges, sports teams,  Jeff Gordon  Maybe I start to understand here.

We just had a 5 mile hike.  This one wasn’t quite as bad as some.  My legs are tired but not blistered.

Yesterday while I was playing base ball I got hit.  I was pitching to the hardest hittelr on our team when he hit a line drive.  It hit me on the inside of my left leg.  The ball stuck between my lets.  It really hit hard.  It hurt then but now I’ve got a big bruise.

The fellows that had been in for a month got payed yesterday.  The dice rolled all nite and all day.  They even rolled at work.

I got a letter from the Beams

I’ll write tomorrow
Love Karl

P.S. My watch doesn’t work good. What shall I do

P.S.S. Send a news paper sometime.

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