we do not have lockers we live out our duffle bags

Nov. 5, 1950
Dear mom & Dad.

I received the can of cookies and candy.  Its really swell.  I got dads letter also.   No kidding; you the best parents a guy could have.  I hope I can be able to deserve it.  I hid the can in my duffle bag so they will last longer.

We do not have lockers.  We live out of our Duffle bags.

The darned hot water has been cut off since Thursday.  It sure is rough in the beautiful foggy cold weather

I have been working almost every nite.  I start 11 1/2 weeks Basic training Monday.

This is the best dig in the army.  Don’t make our beds, don’t sweep or mopp, Don’t work.

I got a bone cut on my left hand.  It has festered on me.  The same day I dropped 87# flour in a barrel in between two other barrels and caught my finger in between.  We thought it was broken but I can move it now.

Say! I think I can get 5 days at Christmas.  I hope.

Well I’ll drop a line tomorrow.

Love Karl

P.S. I’m still ping pong king
P.S.S. ThanksP.S.S.S Tell me about my new car


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