1 month I still don’t like the army

Nov 6, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

Well its been 1 month and I still don’t like the Army.

The  started us in ernest on Basic.  We still work in the Morn. & school in the afternoon.  I was picked with all Non Coms to work & school. There are two groups we take turns working and schooling.

I received a letter from Hedy Sat  I got one from you, Opal, Mrs Lowry, Marsha and Roland today.  THe jackpot.  I like Marsha’s letter better than Heddy’s,

What can I get Opal’s for Xmas?  What do you folks want?  Things are pretty cheap at the P.X.

Maybe you should keep the Chevy.  Every where I go out here I walk.  It sure seems funny.

I weighed flour today.  We had to do it fast and you should of seen me.  I was white from head to foot.

I just beat the best Non Com at Ping Pong but another rect.

I looked at it several times but I still don’t know what Karl means when he says “rect.”

beat me after 3 duces.  I’ll get him yet.

Well Ill drop a line tomorrow.
Love Karl

SUA means Screwed up Army
P.S. I sure would enjoy a boat ride.

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