Starts basic training. Dad sold Lincoln for chevy. 1 month of 21 served

Nov. 6, 1950
Dear Opal, Jim, Marion and Grandpa

Howdy Folks!  Well I’ve served 1 month out of the 21.  I guess the other 20 will pass but it sure seems a long way off.

Hay! Dad sold my Lincoln and took a Chevy in on trade.  Here I am in the darned army and he trades me off for a Chevy.  What a shot in the back.  It could of a lest of been a Model A ford.  I’ve never owned anything but Fords.  What a deal.

Between you and Mom, I have received a letter each day.  Opal, I couldn’t have been placed into a better family.  All of you are tops.  I got a letter from Mrs. Lowry today and really enjoyed it  Shes swell too. How is she?
– A Chevy.
I like Marshas letters better than Hedy’s.  What do you think of that.  I wish she had beeen a couple years older when she was in Texas.  Now I don’t know what to think.

We started basic training today.  They divided our Platoon into two parts.  One part works in the morning and schools in the afternoon and Visa-Versa.  The morning workers are the most important.  All the Non Coms are picked for it and gues what, they put me with them.  Since I have been here I have lost 1 1/2″ around the waist.  I haven’t lost any weight tho.

This food is lousy.  Cold coffee and meat and hot Potatoes and beans.
I might live –                                                                      A Chevy
We finally got heat in our barracks.  It sure helps.

Well write soon
Love Karl.

P.S. Marian you write to.  How are you doing in school?
P.S.S.  I’m not really mad about the Chevy.  I’m just joking.  Everyone here is teasing me about it, but a bank acct is a ban acct.

Write soon

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