Black fingernail; I’m going to see that hospital yet

Nov 7, 1950
Dear Folks;

Howdy! How is Tex and Demon.  Do they miss me?

Say! Send me a picture of you  and Dad.  I want one very much

Well I started a game of Pin Pong at 6:00 and I quit at 8:30.  I kept getting challenged by the real good players but none could beat me.  I was real lucky.  They even went to another Company to get a guy but I beat him.  I even beat a guy 11-0 that always beat me.  Just my day.

We had a little ole 2 1/2 mile hike today. They are nothing anymore. Just a walk around the block.

How is the job situation in S.A.? How is business?

S.A. –  San Antonio

I sure miss home.  I sure would give a lot to be there.

I have added a black fingernail to my collection.  I’m going to that hospital yet.
Well write soon.

Love as always

P.S. Send me a picture of the Chevy – Tex – you and dad – the house – everything.

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