Received $39 in pay; Hope Truman didn’t lose his vacation over that

Nov 12, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad,

Howdy! we had a pretty good lunch today.  I don’t know what it was but it was better than usual.

I seen a show last nite and went to church this morning.

Yesterday was supposed to be a holliday but I worked until 1:30. What a raw deal.  The sargent was looking for a 5 man detal just as I was getting out of bed this morning.  You ought to have seen me getting out the side door.  I really made time.

Dad! maybe you ought to keep the Chevy for a while.  If it is in real good shape it would help you if a war com on or when I got back I would have something to use.  I seen one of the new Mercury’s drive by.  What a car.

1950 Mercury Coupe

I received $39 pay for last month.  I hope Truman didn’t lose his vacation over that.

Say we might get 8-10 days for Christmas.  Just in case I do, what would you plans be? If you couldn’t ma,e it here, I would come home.  It will be swell either way.

Well I’ve got to clean my Carbine

Love Karl


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