you sold my chevy, I told you I wouldn’t own one of those things

Nov 14, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

Howdy! I didn’t get a chance to write you yesterday.  I had K.P. 17 hours of it.  What fun.

We had a litle 2 1/2 mile march this evening.   That is a cinch.

So you sold my Chevy.  I told you I wouldn’t own one of those things.

I just got beat 4 out of 4 ping pong games.  I’m nervious for some reason.  I would swing and miss the whole darned ball.  When I did hit it, it went crooked.

I received the box and I’ve got my watch in it.  As soon as I get to the Post Office I’ll mail it.  It might be a couple of days.

So Jerry had a date.  That is news.  How did the boat run?

I feel sort a funny   knowing I don’t have a car.  I know it is

best but I still feel funny.  I have to walk anyway – for a while.

I’m going to buy a baby brownie and take some snapshots.  I still don’t know what to get anyone for Christmas.

1950 Baby Brownie

I got gigged yesterday.  I didn’t make my bed good enough.  I was up at 4:30 and I couldn’t see a thing.  Thats

The Army way.

It rained 3 times today.  It hailed and snowed in L.A. over the weekend.  California – the land of Sunshine – Dripping Sunshine

Well till then

Love Karl

P.S. Have you heard anything about the 10 days we are supposed to get off?



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