The man without a car (but money)

Nov 15, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

Well I have 45 minutes so I’ll drop a fast line.  It is 7 O’Clock now and I have to be back to work at 7:30  We might be lucky enough to get in bed by 9:30

Call Savarys and Don and explain I’ll write them as soon as I can.

I got a swell letter from Opal and Marian.  It was 2 pages long, with 7 pages of P.S.’s.  It also had a stick of gum in it.

You know I think I might like to be home for Christmas.  Just to sleep and eat good,  and have swell people around.

I can just see me watching Television with Tex in my lap and you and Dad in the same room – with a black cow – with civies on.  Wow.

General Mark Clark is going to inspect ration breakdown tomorrow. We

had to G.I. the floor.  I hope he catches cold or something.

Love Karl
“The man without a car” but money

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