I was put in charge of some men to clean up a wharehouse

Nov. 18, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad;

Howdy!  Well I’ve finally going to have an evening off.  I think this is Sat.  I worked all morning and some of the guys had to go back.  They had been put on the SHT list.  I offered to help the Corpral in charge so he said he needed someone.  I was

put in charge of some men,  by the Sargent, to clean up a wharehouse.  They were pretty sore about the whole think and I had my hands full.  I tried not to make them mad at me, but yet get the job done.  One of them had a full charge of a grocery store in Chicago.  He tried to mess around but I got on his tail.  The other guys got to working after I took him down a few notchs.  In fact the Sargent said it was a real good job.

I won my first set in the tournement.  2 straight games.  I’m sure eating the heck out of the cookies.  I’ve got them hid real good so just I know where they are.

Love Karl

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