Some of the fellows sure are lousy people

Nov 19, 1950
Dear Folks,

Well I caught up on a little sleep. The Sargent woke me up this morning at 8 and said I had to go to work at 9.  He said he would relieve me at 930 so I could go to church.  I got off at 12: 15.  I got to bed at 8:00 last nite.

I felt so much better this morning, I ate 5 eggs.

The fog is so thick it is drizzling.  It sure is miserable.

Some of the fellows sure are lousey people  I hope we are not the cream of the crop.  If we are the U.S. has some lousey people.

One guy came in so drunk last nite that he missed the door.  He couldn’t see the  bunks.  He made a good show for us but I’m getting to hate it.  These guys go to far.  The sargents get drunk and work us twice as hard.  It’s not fair.

I’m going to the show at 6:30 It will be a good western.

A bunch of us Texan’s might charter a plane home.  It won’t cost $40 if we get enough guys.

Well be good
Love Karl

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