bought a pen; It writes in red, green, and blue

There’s probably some reason but green ink did not stand the test of time.  Some letters are virtually unreadable due to the green ink fade.  If I get a time machine,  I’m going to toss that pen into the Pacific.

Nov. 21, 1950
Dear Folks;

Howdy,  Ain’t this sexy.  I bought a pen finally.  It writes in red, green, an blue.

Well this has to be short.  I go back to work at 6:30.  We might get done at 12:00 or 1.

We are doing thursdays work and tomorrow work today.  The corpral in charge of weight room has H.Q. duty tonite so I’m all alone iin the weight dept.  It’s going to be rough.

Well I hope grandpa and youall had a swell Thanksgiving. I can taste it now. Sargent kept us later than ususal so we were late for supper.  Do you know we had to argue for food.  That is happening to often.  I’m sure going to squalk about it.

Grandpa how was your trip.  I bet I could of made better time  Also how about you writing.

Well Keep Tex happy
Love Karl

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