Squad leader yelling in my ear

Nov. 20, 1950
Dear Mom & Dad; and Grandpa

Well I lived thru the nite.  I woke up wiht the squad leader yelling in my ear, pulled on my dirty fatigues, mad my bumpy sack, fell out for revellie, jumped thru the puddles toward the mess hall,  I couldn’t see it for the fog,  ate a lousey breakfast, mostley spuds, went back to the barracks in time to have a mopp thrown into my worn calested hads, fell out for work call, and ran 1/2 mile to work.  Then we start our day.  That’s wehn I fell like going back to bed.ee I wish I could taste some of that apple pie granpa brought you> and Maple syrup! We usually just put butter and jelly on our pancakes.

I just got another letter from Marsha.  She sent her picture  All the guys keep trying to steal it.  All the guys come back to take a second look.  I guess it must be ok uh?

We almost had t go back to work tonite.  I sure didn’t like the idea. The sargent finally said we didn’t have to.

Thanksgiving is Thursday.  I hope you all have a very fine day.  I won’t be with you except in my mind.  I guess maybe I will be there.

I don’t want you all to send any Christmas pkgs. or money. I’m getting along fine.  I’m trying to get some Texans together to charter a plane – if we get off.  One guy said it would only  cost $40.

I’ll bet Tex was glad to see grandpa.  I would be too.

Love Karl.

P.S. Grandpa – you saw how long I kept a chevy.  yuk yuk.

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