Been in 7 weeks 19 months and 1 week left

Nov 24, 1950
Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandpa;

Howdy people.  Well last time I got to write, I was on duty.  Now I’m still on duty.  Guard duty.  I will be on my post from 8 till 10 and 2 till 4.  Talk about our forty hour week.  We have to stay in the Guard house from 6 till 6.

Well I’ve been in 7 weeks.  19 mts & 1 week left.  I can hardly wait.

I shave every nite because I don’t have time in the morning.  at noon today I got gigged because my beard was too long.  I almost blew my top.  He had more stripes that tho. I was going to tell him I didn’t have kitten fuzz but whats the use.

We sure had lots to eat.  I’m Class1 (Ration Breakdown).  Our top kick fixed it so the Quartermaster Co. got 3 extra turkeys.  The cooks fixed a whole one for Class 1 and they let us walk thru the front door to our special table.  We were really big wheels.  Then the brought us free beer.  I had 1 can.  Then play 3 fast games of Ping Pong –  headed for the latrene, fell into my sack, took off my clothes, unbuttoned my shorts and had a misserable 1 1/2 hours.

Oh was I in bad shape.  Not sick, but my stomach just wanted to expand.  It could of been the turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, pickles, mixed nuts, candy, celery, and the beer and Ping Pong  Wow.

Well I’ll write soon
Love Karl

P.S.  I’ll get the tickets.  Don’t youall worry.

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