I have C.2. Runner duty now

Thanksgiving Day -0026 (12:26 AM)
Howdy Mom, Dad, and Grandpa;

Well after getting all of 5 hours sleep last nite, I have Cl2. Runner duty now.  That is Charge of Quarters  Runner.  The C.2. (a corpral always) takes messages, phone calls, passed, ect. when the main office force goes off duty.  I have been on duty since 4:45 PM and I will be on until noon today.  You talk about Grocery Store hours.  I could run 2 stores now.

Mom your cookies got here tonite,  I mean last nite.  I have eaten almost all of them.  They are wonderful. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure we get 10 days at Christmas.  I’ve still got my fingers crossed.

After I wrote to you last nite, we went back to work until after 12.  I really worked hard.  I don’t know if I’m going to make it until morning or not.  I have to wake up the K.P detail and cooks at 5:30.

I was just sent after a guy  to answer a long distance call.  He darned near hit me. I told him to go to,

Guessing that was go to Hell but that wasn’t written

and told him he could answer it in the morning.  He is a big greek.  He makes me look small.

I was in charge of the weighing room last nite  We had a  lot of mixed nuts in 25# boxes to issue out  The Sargent told me if he seen me or anyone eat just one nut it would be bad for me.  It was sure hard to weight up a couple thousand pounds of nuts without eating them.  I think that was the hard job.

Well write
Love Karl

P.S. The nuts were really good  He didn’t see me;

P.S.S.  I mailed the watch


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