They had the nerve to gig me on my beard

Nov 26,
Dear Folks;

Howdy!  Well here it is the end of another weekend.  I sure hate to see Monday come.  Work again.

Do you know they had the  nerve to gig me on my beard.  The other fellows that got gigged had to clean out the mess hall.  I was on guard duty.

A sargent tried to make me go to work this morning.  I got sort of peved and told him he made me miss church last Sunday and I was going this Sundy.  He looked sort of puzzled and told me I was excused.

I went to church.  I also took commonium.  The head of the Chaplin Staff is Luthern.  I’m going to talk to him.

You ought to see me at a chess board.  I beat my teacher, whom has only lost 3 games.  He sure was supprised.  It sure is some game.

Well I’m sorta tired so I’ll go to bed – 9:15

Love Karl

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