had to really work to get the extra food ready for Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 1950;
Dear Opal, Jim, and Marion;

Howdy! received you letter and as always, I was real glad to receive it.

We had to really work to get the extra Food ready fro Thanksgiving.  I averaged 4 hours sleep a nite for 1 1/2 weeks.  Our Sargent fixed things up so that we (Ckass 1 ration breakdown) had a whole Turkey to ourselves.  It was placed in the middle of the table.  We had nuts, candy,  spuds, sweet spuds, celery, dressing, all the trimmings.  It wasn’t as good as home, but we made it do.  I ate too much of everything.  I then played 2 fast games of ping pong,  drank a can of the free beer,  played 3 fast games of ping pong,  headed to the barracks, threw off my shirt and trousers,  finally had to unbutton everything that was buttoned.  I thought I would pop.  My eyes were read and I had the symptoms of being drunk.  I couldn’t move for 1 1/2 hours.  I finally got up and took  a shower and more or less pulled out of it.

This morning an epidemic of influenza broke out 1/3 of our Company are down.  I imaging I’ll be next.  The average for 200 men is 4 an hour.  It is not serious.

Well be good
Love Karl

P.S.  K.P.. starts at 4:300 am. You scrub pans, scrub silver and trays, scrub tables, scrub floors, peel potatos, serve food until 9.PM It is pretty rough.


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