terrific epidemic of fluenuenza now

Nov. 27 1950
Dear Folks;

I think I will get 10 days. In fact I’m pretty sure of it.


There is a terrific epidemic of fluenueza here.  It started last nite.  1/3 of the Company  is down since it started in the Q.M.  The whole Division is impearled (get that word)  We have to put blankets on each side of our bunk.  The men are falling out on the average of 4 to hour now.  That is one way to cheat K.P. duty.

Rapid onset and the shear number of people affected makes me wonder if this is actually food poisoning.  It was after Thanksgiving dinner.

Say!  I mailed my watch a week ago.  You should be receiving it now.

Roland sent me a booklet on the new Ford.  What a honey.  Don said Dad didn’t like the automatic drive.  Oh well.  When I get out, I might be able to afford a 40 Ford.

I think I can get by on less than $90 for the trip.  If that is all for the round trip, I’ll have it made.

Youall might think I’m crazy, but in my estimation, Marsha has Hedy beat a mile.

Well I might be in bed the next time, but I will write.

Love Karl

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