A guy doesn’t know what he really has until he looses it

Nov. 30 1951
Dear Mom & Dad and Grandpa;

Guess what?  I’m rich.  Today was payday.  I received $69 for just one month.  Gee.  I only had to work day and nite. Gee.  I’ve found a home in the Army.  Eeyow!  This calls for a fast Section eight.  Ask Lester what that means.

I don’t know if I have enough money or not for the trip.  I’m trying to get a cut rate.  I’m sorta sure of getting it.  Everyone thinks we get things cheap.  Ha.  I just got an 8 exposer roll of film back and they charged 50¢.  Just twice what Studers charge.

I can see myself at home again.  A guy doesn’t realize how much he really has until he loose’s it.

I sure hope the Chinese back out.  There are sure a lot of them.  Although Japan could beat them.  I think I would rather be peaceful.

Well took a little walk today. Just 2 1/2  miles.  Like walking to the mailbox.

Inclosed are some of the snap shots I took last Sunday.

Write soon

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