bad mistake on the milk today. Sargent gave me hell and a jeep

Dec 1, 1950
Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandpa;

Howdy People! Well I receive you letter.  The first one since Monday.

Say I like that compact with San Antonio’s landmarks on it.  How about sending one of them, or something to Marsha.  Heddy’s letters are flat and cold compared to Marsha’s so just get something for Marsha if you can.  There is nothing nice here and everything is expensive.  I’m also pretty worryed about my finances for getting home.

Gee the weeks are really passing fast now.  I’ve been in 8 weeks  today.  I still don’t like it but we have to scare or maybe fight for what we used to know.

Say dad,   I told you your motor was faster than mine.  I betcha that wax made it faster tho.  Have you see Don’s boat?

Well good People,  I’m gonna hit the hay
Love Karl

P.S.  I made a bad mistake on the milk today.  The Sargent gave me hell and a jeep.  He told me to find it.  I did.  He then said it was ok because anyone can make a mistake, but not everyone can find them

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