I don’t even know how to load the carbine

Dec 3, 1950
Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandpa;

Howdy! Wow did this weekend go fast.  I seen a show last nite and one this afternoon.  that is all I ever do.

I got some prices on photos.  3-5  by 7’s cost $7:50 gold tinted and $2:50 extra apiece for oil coloring.  What do you think?

We go on the firing range tomorrow afternoon.  I don’t even know how to load my carbine. I’ve onlly had 4 days training when I was supposed to have 4 weeks. Thats what I get for being a good worker.

I have made arrangements to come home by car.  I will know for sure tomorrow.  There will be 2 cars with 5 in ours.  We have promised not to drink or drive excessively fast.  One is a 47 ford,  the other a 48 ford.  At $75 a round trip, it sounds petty good.  So get the tree up.

By the way, I have definitely made my mind up to just buy Marsha a gift.  Will you please get it for me?  There is nothing out here.  I will reimburse you when I come home.

Love Karl

P.S. I got the watch.

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