I had to shoot the M-1 to get familyarized with it

Dec 5, 1950

Dear Mom & Dad & Grandpa;

Well I went on the firing range today..  I had to shoot the M-1 to get famileryed on it.  I have a darned already told you I have been issued a carbine.  I was sorta sore because I hadn’t been taught a darned thing on positions or anything.  The Lt. in charge said he thought I was from Texas and knew all about it. He is one of these dam Californians.  He made me mad.  They tod me to lay in the prone positin and fire 4 shots.  The target was 299 yards off with a 19 inch bulls eye.  I was sorta scared because it kicks pretty hard.  The first shot went just under the bullseye in the 4.  The Lt. said that was pretty good, but after the 3 next shots he looked sorta puzzled.  They were all bullseyes.  One was perfect.  I showed him.

Wow my back is really hurting now.  I couldn’t hardly get out of bed this morning.  I hope it gets real bad.

gets real bad?  Not sure of Karl’s intention here.

Well get my rifle clean and gas up the motor.

Love Karl

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