9th anniversary of Pearl Harbor; In the Army about to fight against China

Dec 7, 1950
Dear Mom and Dad and Grandpa;

Well who would of ever thought that on the 9th anniversary of Pearl Harbor I would be in the Army about to fight against China.  Things sure happen funny don’t they?

Well on the Transverse firing range, I either made expert or sharpshooter.  This range has targets popping out of holes anywhere from 25 t 200 yards away. They only stay up a few seconds.  I made either 100 or 110 out of 120.  Anyway I will get a medal.

Say! I’m going to come by car.  That way I’m sure of starting off on time and I won’t have to use your money.  I can have a little to spend at home then.

I will try to get in touch with Harris this weekend.

My watch works perfect.  I really like it.  The only thing is if I go into combat, which is going to  happen,  I will send this on home and wear a real cheap one.  I don’t think I could ever earn you $17,000 any easer anyway.  That is a big joke around here so don’t take it serious.

I guess it’s an inside joke.  I really don’t understand

Do you know I put on my new pair of wool trousers and they are 3 inches too long.  There goes another 50¢

Well youall be good and tell me when your going to move.

Love Karl
P.S. Tell Margret and Ralph that I”ll write real soon.

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