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Dec 9 1950
Dear Mom and Dad and Grandpa

I sure don’t feel like very much right now, but writing to you will probably do me more good than anything.  Although the best thing I could receive would be a discharge,
yak yak.

I know how some of the fellows turn to drinking.  A few beers might make me feel better but I’ll just try to take it.  All of the fellows not including the Californians are feeling low.  Just think most of them have their tickets.  One fellow just received a suit case thru the mail to pack his clothes in.  He also was going to be married.  Oh well, if we don’t got straight over sesas, I will have 30 days comming.  Maybe we could take a trip this summer.  That would give me something else to plan on.

Thanks of sending Marsha something.  That was swell.  In these P.X.’s you can get a camera but no  Baby Brownies.  You can get silk panties, slips, dresses, shot guns, but no brass, soap powder, Division Patches, or what we really need.

How do you like your new house?  How does Tex approve of his big yard?  How is the Painting come along.

If I get a half of a chance, I’m going to take any schooling that comes along.

Well I just had a 251 bar of candy thrown in my lap so I guess I’ll drown my troubles in Chockelete.

Well youall be good and write to me

Love Karl

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