Pretty gold fillings I had in my teeth; one fell out

Dec 11, 1950
Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandpa;

Remember those pretty gold fillings I had in my teeth?  Well as I was talking one fell out Sunday.  I put it in my pocket, but something happened and I lost it.  I went on sick call to the Dentist this morning, and there was only one Dentist for about 75 men.  The put a temporary filling in, and I go back in about a week.

I visited some San Antonio friends in the 224 Infintry.  I thought I had it bad.  I’m going to break my neck to stay here.  They have 185 men in two barracks while we have 230 men in 4 barracks.

Say, don’t give up hope that I’m comming home. I still have a 50/50 chance.  Gosh I’m hoping for the best.  Two Texans in our Company have gotten married already.  The war scare is really is on.  I still don’t believe there will be war.  I also think Russia and the U.S. will negociate a disarmimant treaty and we will get out of this pretty quick.

I woke up at 2:20 A.M.  I heard someone being dragged up the stairs.  I found out this morning it was the sargent who is second in charge of us.  He was dead drunk.  Some of the boys found him in Lompac.  A little town 8 miles from here.  It’s generally pronounced “Long-Puck”

Well send some more pictures.  Tell me how Tex likes his new home.

Well be good and write
Love Karl

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