This site is a tribute to Karl V. Theiss’ service in the Korean war.  Karl served in the 40th regiment Quarter Master corp from 1950 to 1952.  Often Korea has been referred to as the forgotten war, this website is dedicated to keeping a small piece of the story alive.

After Karl’s death in 2016 the family found a box of letters from Karl to his Mom, Dad, and Grandpa that Karl’s parents had kept and subsequently been forgotten in a back closet.  The letters unfold like a 3 act play,  boot camp, Japan and then Korea.  The letters are written frequently enough that they’re fairly close to a diary of Karl’s experiences.  The letters in essence are a posthumous blog 67 years later.

This is a work in progress.  The intention is to transcribe the letters in blog form,  correlate some pictures and eventually bring together in eBook format.  Ultimately I would  like to interest one of the Korean war museums in the artifacts.

The original letters are written longhand and the quality runs from easy to read to near invisible.  The letters are being intentionally  transcribed as faithfully as possible including spelling errors.

Note: these are WAR letters and some language used in the 50’s may be deemed offensive today.